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Vision 2020

Vision 2020

Message from the Executive Director

As population growth and climate change continue to be prominent features in developments pertaining to food systems across the globe, the emphasis on identifying, capturing and inculcating traditional and modern skillsets and approaches to these challenges, becomes increasingly important. The 2020 prospects for FarmFinder is therefore directly aligned to a global understanding that stakeholders across this planet need to develop and strengthen structured intra-regional and cross-border opportunities for Connectivity, Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange.

In response to this challenge, FarmFinder has focused its efforts on establishing a presence in the Southern Caribbean and Eastern Africa in 2019. The selected locations, Guyana and Kenya, allow for a strategic framework for comparison, to be developed with a view to facilitating South-South Cooperation.

In 2020, we hope to expand our reach to include those most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, namely Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

In line with the Vision 2020 theme, in the upcoming year FarmFinder will seek to establish:

  • strategic partnerships with 20 key organizations in the Caribbean
  • strategic partnerships with 20 key organizations in Africa

Transparency will be a central feature to our interactions with partners in the future. As such, FarmFinder will be publishing ALL of its performance-based reports and financial information on the Transparency Portal, which is currently under development.

This will be a critical milestone achievement for the organization, with the likely impact being a more resilient, representative and collaborative framework, in which the needs and concerns of our target beneficiaries, and their dependents, can be more directly addressed.

Lorenzo Harewood

Executive Director


Mission Statement

Our mission is to eliminate all developmental gaps that prohibit the global food and agricultural sector from thriving,  and by extension, help the global community prosper in a healthy and sustainable manner

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